Who can come?

Whether your a  developer, designer, working in financial services, a student or just someone with an interest in Fintech and ideas on how to create the future, you're welcome.


Can I hack overnight?

Yes. This is an overnight Hackathon!



What APIs can I use?



Can I come as a team?

You're free to come as a team. If you don't have a team prior to Disrupt the Markets, that's completely fine - we will be holding a team-matching session at the beginning of the hacking period. Team sizes should generally be between 3 - 6 members.

Who owns the IP of my Code/Project?
You!  You own the IP of any code you create.  And feel free to stick your code on open source licenses like MIT or CC. We encourage collaboration between companies and teams.
Got more Questions? Send us an email at hi@hackthemarkets.net