Pritam Basu is a multi-award winning Fintech Entrepreneur, awarded by the likes of Singularity University (NASA Research Park), Innovate Finance, Unicef and others for innovative use of emerging technologies to redefine long established financial service models. Like SingularityU he is a firm believer that emerging technologies will fundamentally reshape financial services, the economy and society.

He's the Founder of Boseman group, a technology company building transformative and creative Fintech software in areas such as Robo-advisory. It has an exceptional team based in London and Silicon Valley who’ve built products at Skype, Facebook, various Startups and top Trading Firms.

Pritam created 'Disrupt the Markets' with the mission to accelerate change and create exciting transformative products and new business models in the Investments and Trading space by collaborating with exceptional entrepreneurs, professors and technologists.