Hackathon Theme

Milllenials as a group are about to move into their prime earning and spending years. However, 80% of millennials according to a recent Harris Poll are not invested in the Stock Market. 

Design a compelling and innovative propostion to get millenials trading, investing and setting money aside for their future.


Think about how you can make this ultra low-cost and transparent and how you can integrate social features. How would you acquire and retain your users and promote your solution amongst millennials?

The IG Challenge

​Design a trading app that entices millenials to actively trade the markets.


Food for Thought: Think about removing the complexity and creating a simplified beautiful UI. You could include elements of education through crowdsourced trading advice (from the crowd or professional traders), you could also add social or gamified elements and incorporate elements of Machine Learning or AI. These are suggestions so feel free to ignore these and incorporate any  other ideas you think would create a compelling trading app.


12.9" IPAD PROS + Smart Keyboard + Apple Pencil !!! (per team member ).


Winners also get invited to the IG TV Studio for an interview on their app and to meet the IG team afterwards.

Robeco Challenge

Millenials urgently need to start investing. Design a compelling, fun and easy way to invest. For more details check out the PDF 

Prize - £5000 Cash Dollar